TOP10 / Sounds of Guatemala

Because Top Ten’s Are Fun…Here Are Ten Distinctively Guatemalan Sounds :

  1. Tortilla… the charming pit-pat-pit-pat sound of female palms slapping tortillas.
  2. Reggaeton… blaring from buses that make ‘ party buses’ look tame.
  3. Evangelical Music… Because even in the middle of nowhere Guatemala, you are never that far from an Evangelical church.
  4. Ranchera melodies…Everywhere.
  5. Birds Singing… Everywhere. But really- EVERYWHERE.
  6. “Manzana, manzana, manzana”…The market sellers’ wailing fruits & flowers
  7. Volcanic Burps… That’s not the sound of thunder…that’s the volcano.
  8. Horns… From the buses, the cars, the tuc-tucs & more.
  9. “Guate-Antigua-Xela”...Cries from the ‘pilot-fish’ guys working the public buses.
  10. Bomba… The fireworks that you never see, only hear- at ALL times of the day & night.




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