Road Trip: Huehuetenango & Chiantla



A road trip in Guatemala can yield a lot of curveballs & delightful surprises:

Surprise #1 : Helados Don Belo, Chiantla

We were just driving through Chiantla…until we spotted Don Belo’s charming sign and thought… why not stop for an ice cream? Traditional Guatemalan ice cream is made with a cute mold and a rough stick. It looks more like the shape of a quirky mushroom or an umbrella, hence it is called helados sombrella ( umbrella ice cream).


Don Belo is like someone out of a film– and just the kind of surprise you want to meet on a road trip: An ancient ice cream master with a youthful twinkle in his eyes. He’s even got a Facebook Page.





Surprise # 2: Huehuetenango Mirador

As a city, Huehuetenango is not something to write home about; however, the mirador (lookout point) overlooking Huhuetenango certainly is. Not only is the view breathtaking, but the folks who started The Blue Unicorn also run a cozy restaurant under the lookout point. The food is delicious, simple and clean. The view is pristine, with seating indoors and outdoors. Have a bite, wine or tea in this cozy cabin- it’s like being transplanted into a little gem.




Surprise #3 : El Gato de la Casa Blanca

There is a perfectly lovely hotel called Casa Blanca in Huehuetenango. It is conveniently located between the Cafe Museo and La Tinaja– perhaps the only cute places to eat and putter around in while in the city of Huehue. But the best thing about this hotel is their charmingly, fat, white cat with a “black mustache.” It was hard to resist kidnapping…



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