La Casa del Rio

In an unassuming, humble Antiguan home lies a cinema and cafe: Casa del Rio. The location is somewhat obscure – the south eastern corner of Antigua, beside a small bridge over the Rio Pensativo. It opened in 2012, when two Guatemalan actors-Roberto Díaz-Gomar and Fernando Martínez- decided to create a cultural space revolving around film.

Here, you can ‘rent’ the space out to watch a film with your friends, attend an event or just rent from their DVD collection. The vibe wavers between a neighborhood watering hole and an introverted, film buff’s den. People come here for the inexpensive, lunch of the day ( home cooked by the kind owners). Artists come here to brood and write. A bric-a-brac feeling pervades the space along with some romantic dust … and the universal, melancholic charm of an old cinema.








For more info: Visit Facebook, ‘La Casa del Rio La Antigua Guatemala’

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