Food for the Gods

Some refer to Guatemala as the birthplace of chocolate; after all, the Mayans worshiped the cacao tree, calling chocolate the “food of the gods.”

Without a doubt, there is a strong heritage of chocolate in Guatemala and no shortage of different kinds to try: Antigua hosts two chocolate museums that are fun to visit and offer chocolate making workshops. IXCACAO is an artisanal chocolate confectionary kitchen operating in the mountains above Antigua; Diego’s Chocolate uses a recipe learned from Diego’s grandmother, producing a rolled chocolate bar unlike any that you’d likely find  elsewhere; and the Casa Santo Domingo Hotel in Antigua hosts a discreet factory & boutique of Chocolarti chocolates-best for those who prefer truffles and flavors like clove & cardamom.

My personal favorite? Fernando’s– a great cafe and supplier of chocolates with flavors like Lime & Basil, Lavender, Citrus, Michael Jackson ( YUP- a mix of white & black chocolate). Highly amusing, HIGHLY addictive:




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